Kapurthala – Day Trip

A city of warriors and kings, Kapurthala enthralls with its unique style and aesthetic,
which blend European, Indo-Saracenic and Sikh influences with complete abandon.

We will visit some of the most interesting monuments of this historic city.

Start at Jagatjit Palace, designed by the French Architect M. Marcel with 19th-century 'beaux-art’ style roofs
including the impressive Mansard Roofwith a double slope and oeil-de-boeuf windows, like those of the Louvre.

See another historic building constructed by a French architect – the Moorish Mosque designed by Monsieur M Manteux and
a famous replica of the Qutbya Mosque of Marakesh, Morocco.

Step back into the royal days with a walk through Shalimar Garden,
which contains royal cenotaphs that highlight the traditions of the erstwhile dynasty.

And end at the Panch Mandir, dedicated to five deities with a unique architectural style.